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We help our customers enter new markets, enhance their market position, or achieve growth through acquisition of private held companies. Our transaction team works cooperatively with buyers in identifying acquisition objectives based on personal and/or business growth needs.

Working on a retainer basis, we also conduct a targeted acquisition search based on solid market and industry analysis, identifying and approaching possible candidates within the targeted search range to determine their interest in divesting or selling their business interests.

Whether your goal is expansion of present holdings, addition of greater customer base, or entrance into new industry or geographic markets, our team will make the acquisition as smooth as possible.

Once an appropriate acquisition candidate has been identified, we:

  • Assist in determining a realistic pricing structure of the acquisition candidate.
  • Assist with the arrangement of financing. Assist in making an offer.
  • Assist in negotiating the offer and formulate a favorable deal structure package.
  • Assist in conducting comprehensive due diligence of the acquisition candidate.
  • Orchestrate a solid transaction agreement favorable to all involved parties.
  • Arrange for timely execution of closing documents and ensure a smooth transition.

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