Business Alliance

A team you can trust.

At River City we understand that each company and/or potential client is in a different stage of their business life. Whether the idea is expansion or exit, there is one common goal, a successful business. This only comes with much dedication from business owners diligently creating the right partnerships to build the future. Our Business Alliance is an agreement between businesses, which can help our clients lower cost, improve services and/or just be another great partner.

We have worked diligently with our alliance partners’ services and teams’ alike and have validated their continual dedication to customer service. A business alliance can help a company to achieve strategic business objectives through the collective objectives of the partners. We are happy to refer you to the River City Business Alliance!

2 Guys and A Goat

2 Guys & A Goat® Lawn Services has simplified the commercial and residential  process and made it better. The process is now completely automated through our website from arranging for someone to come out and mow your yard to paying for the service. We also have friendly customer service experts on-hand to help you with every step of the process.


AFMPay offers credit card processing, wireless terminals, mobile, ATM & EMV chip. One-Stop Solution for merchant’s needs. We provide competitive credit card processing rates that can save you time & money. We will put our years of experience and expertise to help you build and grow your business. Fast, Friendly, Professional Service…That’s it.

Check Realty

Check Realty believes in creating a synergy between service and production. As a residential and commercial Real Estate Brokerage  focused on integrity, team building, and providing upmost customer service Check Realty is the right place for your real estate needs.

Clearvision Consulting

Clearvision management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, analytics and sustainability across all industries and geographies. Contact them about there Innovation, Optimization and Service packages.

Guidant Financial

We provide a full suite of financing options, including 401(k) Business Funding, SBA loans, Unsecured, Portfolio loans, and more. Pre-qualify in two minutes. Your instant results will include: Maximum Funding Amount; List of funding options; and Comparison chart of your pre-approved programs.


Owners Path shows where you stand for available funding, lender compliance, becoming bankable, business credit, local directory rankings, search engine placement, customer star ratings, social media exposure and it provides a comprehensive funding range report.

Paramount Affairs

Paramount Affairs is a full service, professional event planning company that offers event planning and coordination for individuals and organizations. Our mission is to make your event flawless, stress-free and fun. Take the stress and anxiety out of planning and coordinating with Paramount Affairs.


Get breakthrough technology working for your small business with Royaltie. One of the biggest elements to a successful business is the generation of new leads. Royaltie marketing is all about marketing to your consumer. Our simplest, most effective proximity marketing tool ever. It’s like a virtual billboard for your business!

Zehaie Law

Look no further for experienced, strategic, and aggressive law representation you can rely on. We remain focused on protecting your best interests no matter what legal challenges you are facing. Need legal insight, let us providing trusted representation.

The Business Alliance Directory is provided for informational purposes only. Inclusion in the Business Alliance Directory does not imply approval or endorsement of the business or its products or services by River City Business Alliance. It is the responsibility of the business and its customers to comply with all legal requirements concerning any actual or planned purchase or use of any products or services.